About Me

Bill at the Rio Bravo Bar

Watching my grandfather make simple furniture for his family in a shed shop on his farm was my favorite way to spend time when visiting as a boy. His patience and quiet efficiency of motion kept my attention – which was not easy at that age.

Years later, after college and the start of my own family, I surprised myself and took a job in San Francisco as an apprentice cabinet maker. The 70’s and 80’s produced a Renaissance in the trades. People with more education and more artistic involvement producing a boon in high quality work – hence the formation of Artistic License (see link below). After learning bench skills from Italian immigrant Julian Giuntoli and modern router joinery techniques from furniture maker Jim Sweeney, I found my way (through persistence) into Rich Gatti’s furniture shop.

Rich Gatti is the finest furniture maker in the Bay Area and the equal of the best in the country.

After six years in his well-equipped shop with its rich learning environment, I went out on my own. Getting work from my contacts, many of which I found through Artistic License, I used my traditional skills for period as well as modern furniture and cabinetry. I also developed a working relationship with Marc Miasato, a highly regarded Japanese designer, who helped me develop skills and knowledge in the production of tansu, shoji and fusuma. I now work out of my self-built shop in the Sierra’s – mostly servicing the Bay Area but with larger projects as far away as New York City.